Who we are?

GM FUEL SERVICE was formed 11 years ago although our history can be traced back to early in the 20th century, when the grandfather of our ceo started commercialize fuel oil and what was then known as “oil”, kerosene used for heaters and lamps.

Our purpose resides in our vocation to benefit our clients with the best possible service. thus, we supply them high quality products at the best price through an effective customized service. to distinguish gm fuel is the customer service, which is available 24 hours per day and 365 days per year.


Our mission

To provide high quality products to our clients at the best price 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, following a clear commitment to keep innovating and improving.

Our vision

To become in one of the biggest oil companies recognized by our partners

Our principles

Tradition: Several generations working in the hydrocarbon sector, whose know-how has created a strong structure in the sector.

Innovation: We work hard to continually work to improve our the quality service we provide the clients, which includes not only the customer service but the product we sell as well.

Trust: Clients are aware of the high-quality service offered by gm fuel.


  • Barcelona Terminal (DECAL)

  • Terminal de Huelva (DECAL)

  • Terminal de Bilbao (EXOLUM)

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UNIÓN DE PETROLEROS INDEPENDIENTES (UPI) is a spanish business association which gathers oil products wholesale operators. upi represents and protects the interests of companies which operate imports, trading and retail as well as storage and transport petroleum products in spain, independently of the refining industry, having therefore a downstream profile at national level.

UPI aims at representing and defending the collective interests of the partner companies for the fuels supply. in particular, upi carries out the following actions:

  1. Notifies the administration about the market situation and the stecific problems of the independent operators.
  2. Communicates the relevant administrations the position of the partner companies about pieces of legislation drafts and energy policy.
  3. Promotes regulatory and administrative improvements.

Trading Room

Our trader is able to continously track the financial and energy markets to hedge for gm fuel.
in our own trading room, we have extensive knowledge and powerful tools for hedging.



GM Fuel has more than 1.000 clients including local distributors, independent retailers and transport companies.

Annual growth income (m3)

Our Headquarters

Edificio GM Fuel Planta 2
C/ 29 del BZ, nº 50-62
Planta 2
Pol.Ind.Zona Franca, 08040 Barcelona
Tel.: +34 937 704 759
Edificio Gonzalo Bilbao
C/Gonzalo Bilbao, n° 23-25. 4th floor.
Module B3 41003 – Sevilla
Tel.: +34 627 940 420– +34 955 604 720
Edificio GM Fuel
C/29 del BZ, 50-62. 2d floor
Pol. Ind. Zona Franca. 08040 – Barcelona
Tel.: +34 937 704 759
Barrio Salcedillo, n°39C
48510 – Trapagaran (Bizcaia)
Tel.: +34 944 925 401

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